Welcome to ChocoMuseo.

ChocoMuseo is a free museum in which we have exhibits about: the history of cacao, the way cacao grows and is processed, and the way chocolate is made.

“We make all our products from the finest Nicaraguan organic cacao.”

We offer you a sample of our cacao tea for you to enjoy while you tour the museum. We make our cacao tea from the husk of the cacao bean.We make all our products ourselves in an artisanal fashion, from bean to bar, included our unique liqueurs.

Chocolate is not only good to eat; cacao butter is excellent for the skin. That’s why we offer you our line of beauty products based on cacao and chocolate.


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Things to do…



Chocolate Workshop
– Beans to Bar –

Make your own Chocolate

Granada Workshop ENG

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Cacao Tour – Full Day

Our cacao farm tours are a real experience where you will discover the islands of “las isletas” as well as the cacao trees.

Granada Cacao Tour ENG

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The ChocoMuseo Shop

You can buy your hand made chocolate products


The Breakfast

Every morning in ChocoMuseo we offer a delicious all-you-can-eat breakfast buffet.

Monday to Friday: 7 AM – 12 PM
Saturday & Sunday: 7 AM – 1 PM


Don’t miss it!

$6+ IVA