ChocoSpa offers treatments with chocolate and natural products and is nestled in the center of the colonial city of Granada, Nicaragua.

Professional Spa services in Granada Nicaragua: Aromatherapy, mini session, Reflexology Hands and Feet,Shiatsu, Four Hands Massage, Therapeutic/Sports, Mother to Be, Aloe hydrating, Manicure, Pedicure, Wax epilation, Wax epilation legs, Wax epilation bikini, Wax epilation upper lip, Wax epilation eyebrow, Wax epilation underarms, Wax epilation arms.

Every night of stay in our hotel comes with a 50% discount on all daily spa treatments

Our massage therapists are certified and use local organic products when available. Choose from a selection of therapeutic and relaxing treatments:

Hydrating Mineral Facial

30 minutes

We start with aromatic steaming, and continue with gentle exfoliation to remove dead cells. A clay and aloe mask is applied to hydrate and close pores.For all skin types

Deep Facial

60 minutes
We start with face cleaning, including aromatic steaming and extraction of blackheads and blemishes, then we exfoliate to removing impurities and dead cells to prevent premature aging.For skin with infection, spots or acne

Choco facial

60 minutes
We clean your face first to remove makeup and impurities then use aromatic steaming and our cacao based formula to remove dead cells, and finally we apply an astringent and collagen to leave skin smoother and toned. 


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60 minutes

Gentle massage using essential oils extracted from various plants for therapeutic benefits.


Mini Session

30 minutes

An intense and focused massage for the upper back and shoulders.


Reflexology Hands and Feet

30 minutes

Pressure points on the feet and hands, corresponding to specific body organs, are massaged to help the body repair itself.



60 minutes

Based on the principles of oriental medicine, the therapist will use thumbs, fingers and palms to gently balance and restore your Chi.


Four Hands Massage

60 minutes

In a sensational experience, two therapists work on you using synchronized and detailed moves, varying paces and pressures.


60 minutes

In addition to relaxing the body, this deep tissue massage helps to treat injuries and increases athletic performance and also helps to increase flexibility and loosen muscles.

Choco Therapy

60 minutes

Our exclusive therapy for the senses and body.Start with a relaxing cacao massage, followed by our Choco Museo organic chocolate exfoliation and finish with Choco Museo chocolate wrap.


Choco Reflexology – Hands, Feet and Hair –

60 minutes
We apply exclusive cacao oil, using the reflexology technique, for stimulating energy, and follow with a relaxing scalp massage with cacao essence.Aplicamos aceite exclusivo de cacao, usando la técnica de reflexología, para lograr una energía estimulante, a continuación, un masaje de cuero cabelludo relajante con esencia de cacao.


Frutal Body Massage – Masaje Frutal 

60 minutes
This is a comforting and relaxing body massage that provide all the hydration to your skin using local seasonal tropical fruits.Se trata de un masaje corporal reconfortante y relajante que aportará toda la hidratación a tu piel. Usamos frutas tropicales de temporada.


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Fusion Massage

60 minutes
Exclusive body massage that unites exquisitely acupressure, stretching, de-contracting and relaxing techniques.


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Hot Stone Massage
60 minutes
This technique is known for its healing and soothing properties. The therapist carefully places hot stones which rejuvenate and calm the body and mind.Una técnica que es conocida por sus propiedades curativas y relajantes, que sirven para rejuvenecer y calmar el cuerpo y la mente.


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30 minutes
Thorough and gentle manicure using high quality products to pamper your hands. A hand massage is included.
30 minutes
A soothing treatment that includes exfoliation and hydration finished with your choice of polish.
Wax epilation
60 minutes
Legs: $30
1/2 Legs: $15
(Knee down)
Bikini: $25
1/2 Bikini: $15
Upper lip: $8
Eyebrow: $8
Underarms: $12
Arms: $25

We soak your hands in cacao husk infused water, then we exfoliate and hydrate with our exclusive cacao cream while you enjoy a relaxing hand massage. We remove cuticles, shape your nails, and finish with polish of your choice.


We soak your feet in cacao husk infused water, then we exfoliate and hydrate with our exclusive cacao cream while you enjoy a relaxing foot massage. We remove cuticles, shape your nails, and finish with polish of your choice.


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To reserve please contact us by email or phone:


Phone: (505) 2552 4678