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Welcome to Mansion de Chocolate: your hotel boutique in Granada, Nicaragua

Mansion de Chocolate is a boutique hotel in an authentic colonial setting in Granada Nicaragua. Every night of stay in our hotel comes with a 50% discount on all daily spa treatments and a free extensive all-you-can-eat-breakfast buffet.

Mansion de Chocolate is located in the center of Granada, Nicaragua and is housed in a largest intact surviving colonial mansion of Granada. It comprises five courtyard gardens, each with its own distinctive flavor. Due to the continuous breezes of Lake Cocibolca, the large shared balconies provide an ideal vantage point from which you can experience the amazing Nicaraguan sunset over the Mombacho Volcano.

Moreover Mansion de Chocolate offers the perfect opportunity to refresh yourself in the hotel’s 60 foot swimming pool, surrounded by a flowery patio and bar. Afterwards, in the ChocoMuseo, do the “bean to bar workshop” and learn everything about the history and making process of chocolate and create your own chocolate drinks and chocolate bar!

We are pleased to offer you the experience of staying at a chocolate themed hotel in Nicaragua. Hotel Mansion de Chocolate in Granada, Nicaragua brings together a mix of 9 professional specialized services with delicious chocolate themes:

1. Hotel Mansion de Chocolate
2. Choco Spa
3. Choco Tours
4. Choco Workshops
5. ChocoMuseo
6. The Cacao Pool Club
7. Choco Shop (La Casa del Chocolate)
8. Choco Cafeteria
9. Chocolate Buffet Breakfast – all you can eat

Finding our Hotel in Granada, Nicaragua

You can find Hotel Mansion de Chocolate in Calle Atravesada across from Bancentro in Granada, Nicaragua. Calle Atravesada is one of the main streets in Granada, our hotel is very central located and just a few blocks away from the central park. You can enjoy all or some of our services, either from visiting us occasionally to relax in our Choco Spa and spend the afternoon at The Cacao Pool Club or just stay with us and gain access to our comfortable rooms and the complimentary services. We have single rooms, deluxe rooms and full suites available.

Romance & Chocolate at Mansion de Chocolate

If you decide to stay with us you will find a romantic chocolate theme throughout the hotel and rooms. All the rooms have air conditioning, hot water, WiFi, a security safe and cable TV. Plus, you get access to our beautiful Cacao Pool Club, a free breakfast buffet in our ChocoMuseo and every night of stay in our hotel comes with a 50% discount on all daily spa treatments.

Our professional Choco Spa in Granada, Nicaragua

We offer spa treatments to both guests who are staying with us and people who are just looking for a relaxing day. In our Choco Spa we only work with specialized and certified personnel, so they can give you an experience you will want to return for next time!

Granada Nicaragua Tours and much more!

We have a variety of entertainment industry services and Tours, Workshops, Museum, Chocolate Shop oriented so that you can know about it: History, Chocolate Culture, Importance, Health Benefits, etc. And also have the opportunity to purchase for yourself or to give to your loved ones souvenirs from Choco Museum or Choco Shop.

Some guests would like to be a few weeks in Granada and want to improve their Spanish, based on this observed by guests; the hotel offers intensive Spanish language classes oriented communication, offered on site.

In the afternoon hotel Mansion De Chocolate, Granada Nicaragua, is a perfect place to visit. In the Choco cafe you can enjoy the rich variety of sweets, snacks, coffees and chocolate drinks which are all made with the best quality of products. At the same time the ChocoMuseo provides you the perfect opportunity to learn everything about chocolate, where you can taste chocolate, try typical Nicaraguan Liquor or explore our Chocolate shop full with products. Moreover, during the hottest of the day, Mansion De Chocolate offers a great pool to cool down, surrounded by a lovely patio and a pool bar, where you can enjoy cold beverages and different cocktails. The Choco café and pool area is everyday opened till 6PM for non-guests.

For room reservations in our Granada Nicaragua Hotel you can use our online booking system or send your inquiry to our email. Moreover, you can call us 24/7 on (505) 2552 4678 or (505) 8466 0174 / (505) 8222 3761

We are at your service for all your inquiries and reservations and we hope to see you presently in our Mansion de Chocolate – your Hotel Granada Nicaragua.