8 facetime alternative apps for android users 8 facetime alternative apps for android users Smartphones has changed the way we communicate, with high speed internet access being available easily; people have become addicted to video calls. Be it a video conference for interviews or meetings, or to feel closer to your loved ones, every smartphone user uses one video calling app on his or her phone.

One video calling app that’s famous among iPhone users is- ‘Facetime’. All iPhones irrespective of their versions has this app inbuilt in them. Hence iPhone users do not need to hunt for a third party app that works well for them. All iPhone users swear by Facetime for its ease of use and voice, image clarity it offers. There has always been a huge unending debate for android vs. iPhone, although android almost has all features as iPhone may offer, but android users can get disheartened to know that they cannot get facetime for iphone.

But not to worry, Google play store offers lots of third party video calling apps that are as good as facetime.

Here is the list of such awesome apps

1) Skype
Skype is a widely popular app among mobile and pc users. A simple registration required and one can reach its near and dear ones in just few clicks. Skype is also available for iPhone.
2) Google Hangouts
Like Skype, a Google hangout is famous among android users. One can do SMS, audio and video calls to one person or a group of people.
3) Line
Line is another great app, with several users all around the world. Apart from offering great video calling features, it has awesome stickers to share while chatting.

4) Viber

This app directly syncs with phones contact and hence relives from the hassle of manually adding people to your calling list. It provides HD video calling and the features are almost similar to facetime.
5) OovooThis app with its unusual name and great features stands to be famous among users. It is a strong contender to Facetime. This app allows you to video call 12 contacts at a time.
6) Glide
The way you send voice message, glide allows you to drop a video message to your contacts. A confession, proposal, Surprise message or just a sweet gesture to greet, Glide is your answer to all.
7) Tango
This apps not only allows you to video call your friends but is also a place where you can make new friends through it’s discover option. Wouldn’t it be great to talk to ne people with same interests?
8) WeChat
This app offers great video calling features along with the chat facility. You can add up to 500 people in group chat. Now that’s some unbelievably unique feature.


Choose any among the 8 apps mentioned above. This list is not all, daily there are several new apps being added to play store. Pick the one that best suits your need. Some exploration and some trial and error will help you find the best video app for your phone.What is your best app? Let us know your favorite.