A lot of people ask us about the rainy season, especially since it’s going on right now (May-Oct). To many North Americans and Europeans, when they hear rain, they think their whole day of vacation might be ruined. Fortunately that’s rarely true here in Granada, Nicaragua. Usually when the forecast calls for rain, the rain comes in the afternoon for one or two hours at most. And boy does it rain like something few foreigners have seen before! The skies open and rain pours down,

it gushes off the roof into the deep gutters throughout the interior gardens and gurgles directly out the drains into the street. But don’t worry! The local architecture, highlighted at Mansion de Chocolate, is perfect for staying dry while enjoying the view of the rain. Wait it out here and have a cup of coffee at ChocoMuseo or even take the 2 hour chocolate class!

Have you ever enjoyed a massage with true coconut oil? Not just coconut scented massage oil but actual cold pressed coconut oil? Mansion de Chocolate recently found a source for organic, cold pressed coconut oil. It comes to us all the way from Pearl Lagoon on the Caribbean coast. Stop by for a massage with this amazing oil. You will smell like toasted coconut macaroons all day long, we promise!

Nicaragua’s rainy season runs from May through October. During the beginning of the rainy season it usually rains for short periods of time in the late afternoon. Often this is a great relief from the day’s heat and provides for slightly cooler nights. Toward the end of the rainy season it tends to rain for longer periods of time and sometimes in September or October it has been known to rain on and off all day.

What does a tourist do when it rains in Granada, Nicaragua? Come to Mansion de Chocolate! Located within the walls of Hotel Spa Granada we have a wealth of things to do without getting wet. Stop by in the morning for a delicious all-you-can-eat buffet breakfast in ChocoMuseo. Schedule your spa treatments with the receptionists at the hotel’s front desk and enjoy a massage, beauty treatment, or both before lunch. Eat lunch at our covered bar by the pool. The specialty is our famous nacatamalitos or the watermelon gazpacho. After lunch, head back to ChocoMuseo for the two hour chocolate making class. While waiting for your chocolate bar to set, relax in one of our many unique chairs and read a book. Before you know it, the rain will have gone!

Many people know that Nicaragua is famous for its sea turtle breading grounds but boy did we get a surprise at Mansion de Chocolate recently when a clutch of previously unknown box turtle eggs hatched in our second patio. There were literally tens of tiny turtles running about. One of the staff managed to grab one so we could snap a picture and share with you. Most of the turtles have run off to live elsewhere but sometimes we still see a small turtle or two in the second patio. When you come, make sure to take a look!

One of our 4 cacao trees has a tiny pod!!! This is Mansion de Chocolate‘s first cacao pod and it is extremely exciting. As some of you may have read previously, we didn’t think it was very likely that the flowers would turn into pods because the special insects needed for pollination, midges, probably can’t survive in our garden. We were wrong! There are midges here after all. Hopefully we’ll have even more pods this season as time goes on. Check back!

Did you know that many local Granadinos children learn to swim at Mansion de Chocolate? Every Sunday morning we work with a local swim teacher to offer lessons and over 200 kids have learned how to swim since we started.

Kids come with their parents and pay a small fee to learn the basic strokes and sometimes even race back and forth.  Now that it’s Olympic season, perhaps we have an Olympian within our midst?

Every year the city of Granada dresses up – quite literally – to welcome thousands of horseback riders from each different department (the word Nicaragua uses to refer to their states). These horseback riders, together with beautiful floats, parade throughout the main streets of the city. The parade starts at the national stadium and culminates on the shores of Lake Nicaragua. The Hipica Festival is held in honor of La Virgen de La Asunción, the patron saint of Granada. Each city in Nicaragua hosts their own Hipica Festival to honor their individual patron saint but Granada´s Hipica Festival is widely considered the country`s most colorful and popular.
If you plan to visit in our beautiful city during the second weekend of August, do not hesitate to stay with us at Mansion de Chocolate and enjoy this famous festival and the benefits we can offer, accommodations, spa , pool & MUSEUM OF CHOCOLATE …

We are very proud of the recent publicity we received from La Prensa. La Prensa, one of the two national newspapers in Nicaragua, wrote a full page article recently about Mansion de Chocolate with a highlight on ChocoMuseo.

The museum is free but despite this we do not receive many Nicaraguan visitors, which is too bad.

The article highlighted the depth of information available in the museum in Spanish and English as well as the knowledgeable staff – especially Ismael, our chocolate maestro.

Check out the article at http://www.laprensa.com.ni/2012/05/18/activos/101797.

We believe we have a wonderful staff at Mansion de Chocolate (www.MansiondeChocolate.com), including our dedicated housekeeping staff, which typically numbers about four.  We were visited recently by a seventy-year-old gentleman who said he had grown up in the house, and described conditions there in the early 20th century.  The most surprising thing he told us was that around the turn of the century the housekeeping staff numbered sixteen!  There were more maids than people living in the house!