Nicaragua’s rainy season runs from May through October. During the beginning of the rainy season it usually rains for short periods of time in the late afternoon. Often this is a great relief from the day’s heat and provides for slightly cooler nights. Toward the end of the rainy season it tends to rain for longer periods of time and sometimes in September or October it has been known to rain on and off all day.

What does a tourist do when it rains in Granada, Nicaragua? Come to Mansion de Chocolate! Located within the walls of Hotel Spa Granada we have a wealth of things to do without getting wet. Stop by in the morning for a delicious all-you-can-eat buffet breakfast in ChocoMuseo. Schedule your spa treatments with the receptionists at the hotel’s front desk and enjoy a massage, beauty treatment, or both before lunch. Eat lunch at our covered bar by the pool. The specialty is our famous nacatamalitos or the watermelon gazpacho. After lunch, head back to ChocoMuseo for the two hour chocolate making class. While waiting for your chocolate bar to set, relax in one of our many unique chairs and read a book. Before you know it, the rain will have gone!

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