1. Finding your default WiFi secret word

Each ASUS RT-AC58U switch comes setup out-of-the-container with its own particular one of a kind secret key. This secret key is likewise what switch resets as well if at any time you play out a Factory Reset. You can discover it in the photo underneath:

Your default WiFi watchword is the 8 digit number by “Stick Code”

2. Changing the WiFi secret key

Its simple to change the WiFi secret key, to something more secure or less demanding to recollect: how to change router login password

2.1. Login to the Router

Your switch can be gotten to by entering in your program.

You will be made a request to sign into the switch with this screen:

Note that the first occasion when you get to this, your points of interest are:

Login: administrator

Watchword: administrator

The first occasion when you login, you will be given this screen to change your watchword. You should set another login and secret key before you can continue.

2.2. Changing your system name, and the WiFi watchword/s

When you login to your switch you will see the accompanying screen, with your WiFi organize points of interest on the privilege:

Here you can change:

Your Network name (otherwise called the SSID). This is the manner by which your system shows up when a gadget like your telephone or PC records the greater part of the accessible systems. Changing this to something that sounds good to you (eg. “SmithFamilyWiFi”) will help in places where heaps of systems are in run.

Change you WiFi secret key to something simple to recollect. Keep in mind that your default WiFi secret key is the “Stick Code” you can discover on the base of your switch.

Do likewise for your 5GHz system, in the event that you keep them isolated.

Hit Apply to guarantee your settings are spared.