Canal 13 came to Mansion de Chocolate on Monday to record Muevelo Muevelo!

The show airs on Sunday, February 19th,  at 12pm on Viva Nicaragua Channel 13. The music group Los Recson played their most recent pop song, Tu Tocastes Mi Corazón and shot a video in the Chocolate Pool area of our hotel. The background of the pool, combined with the beautiful gardens and the great music made an unforgettable scene. The hosts of the show, Yasser Yamil Espinoza and Braxis Alvarez, participated in a quick ChocoMuseo chocolate making class with Chocolate Maestro Ismael and a short lesson in poolside cocktails with our bartender, Flor. Muévelo, muévelo (move it, move it) and tune in on Sunday to learn more about our hotel, our special offers for February, and more.

VIDEOLINK: Muévelo Muévelo con los Recson en HOTEL SPA GRANADA