Have you ever got the problem in managing files on your Android devices? I am sure you don’t face this issue, generally. The reason, because Android is technically well-made gadgets, isn’t? But you ever thought what makes Android people’s favorite? How can you easily manage every file on any Android device? Well, all this happens with a single app called Root Explorer. Root Explorer is a tool that effortlessly controls each & every file on any Android device by root access. In case, there is a lack of root access on your device, then sorry to say, you can make use of Root Explorer app.

Androids are so wonderful in it that, we never need to use shortcuts for copy, paste, cut, move, rename & unzip, just like we do on the computer, all because of Root Explorer. A root explorer user can perform virtually everything to whichever folder or file on their Android device. So, any user who wants to use this amazing app can download Root Explorer apk from any App store in paid or unpaid version. Just with a little difference in both of them, unpaid version comes with the ad and paid one comes with no silly ads.

So, if you want total Root access, to your android’s file arrangement’s, plus restricted data folder then opt for Root Explorer, easy however powerful file manager apps for Android Device. Let’s see what it supports & what features Root Explorer has for its users.

  • First of all, it offers support for SQLite folders watcher for huge SQLite folders, such as generate & pull out zip or tar/gzip folders, Text Editor, bookmarks, numerous-selection, authorizations, implement scripts, send files via Bluetooth or E-Mails, explore, re-escalate, APK binary XML viewer or picture thumbnail.
  • An option of using Root Explorer like regular file manager on un-rooted Android devices.

What’s New Root Explorer Has for User?

  • Root Explorer is multilingual.
  • Root Explorer can simply take out files from zip/tar/rar libraries.
  • Root Explorer can permit several folders to be pulling out from zip/tar/rar libraries.
  • It also let numerous-selection actions on search outcomes.
  • Root explorer lessens APK volume.
  • Additional “Go to parent” alternative on search outcome kinds of stuff.
  • Now, it can enhance scrolling practice while users sight text folders & files on hi-resolution Android ICS gadgets.
  • Verify for accessible zip/tar records & prompt prior to backup them.
  • Not only this, after users root their phone, they unlock the whole file structure. However, a user still requires particular software to a right to use it. In this situation, Root Explorer takes a grand entry.

When users launch Root Explorer for the first time, they were asked to endow root licenses. Just, from there users were thrown exactly into the root of the file structure. And it’s mounting as read only by default, to shun some chance of users doing any harm. So, don’t underestimate for only root activities, it can work for any file Manager & there is ample of more things in Root Explorer.